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What should you look for
when analyzing the market?

When analyzing data, you should always read between the lines to understand the actual trends. The numbers are all good, but it takes a bit of contemplation to make sense of it all.

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Most notably, it makes a huge difference if you are looking at the data from a home owner's point of view or if you are trying to evaluate the market from a home buyer's viewpoint.

IAs a homeowner, you may wish to understand your community's real estate market situation, and know what to expect should you wish to put your property up for sale, or you may just be curious to find out what your property may approximately be worth and assess your capital gain potential. You would want to look at data that can indicate how much your property has appreciated since the day you bought it. You can see what the average asking price for properties similar to yours in your community has been, or how fast you should expect your property to sell. Please note that machine generated message may be inside your junk folder.

As a home buyer on the other hand, you may either be looking to find your future home, or be looking to find that perfect investment property. Either way, this is going to be a significant investment and you'd want to make an informed decision. You would want to look at indicators that suggest which communities in a municipality will probably have the strongest price growth in the future, or which property type would gain the best capital in your favorite neighborhood. You can also see how likely you would be to find your ideal home within your budget.

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